Irregular Verbs with ‘ㅎ’ (ㅎ 불규칙 동사)

It’s a holiday weekend.  All sun and clear blue skies.  July 4th — that means grilling outdoors, fireworks, and pilsner.  Good times with family and friends.  And you.  You, sitting there at your computer screen.  You, wondering why you’re even wasting your time at a site called YouSuckAtKorean.  You want to know about irregular verbs? …

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Two flavors of 거든

Think Korean grammar is confusing yet?  Just wait.  Here’s one of my favorite grammar patterns — Vst + 거든.  What does it mean?  Well, that depends.  Because the pattern 거든 has two very different meanings, one completely unrelated to the other.  Luckily for us, when listening to or reading Korean we can easily tell the …

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Using 당신 (Part 1)

You don’t want to use 당신.  Seriously.  If you use 당신 you’re going to wind up getting punched in the face.  Because you suck at Korean.  And you’re going to end up provoking the wrong person.  Seriously, just don’t use it.